the generator at one


At the Generator at one, we’ve gathered some of the world’s most innovative interactive digital media and tech companies and organizations in one space. Whether you’re looking for video games, video production, augmented reality, gamification, motion capture, 3D scanning/printing, app development, 3D animation, VFX, or anything in-between, we can create it and customize it in a tailor-made package for you or your client.

One of the mandates of the Generator at one is to incubate the best interactive digital media and tech talent in the world. A benefit of competitive tenancy is that companies become a part of the portfolio of businesses whose services we market. The Generator at one provides the ideal breeding ground for these early stage companies, and provides the resources and tools to take their businesses to the next level.

Fourgrounds Media Inc.

Fourgrounds is an award-winning motion-picture production house located in St. Catharines, Ontario, and have spent the past five years creating engaging video content that helped their clients stand out in the noise. From commercial spots to full-length feature films, their experienced crew has the passion and knowledge to bring any story to life on-screen.

PixelNAUTS Inc.

PixelNAUTS Inc. is an art production and gaming studio. The company is co-owned and operated by two artists with years of experience and whose work can be seen across the industry.

Image Propeller Studios

At Image Propeller Studios, our goal is to help companies connect to their customers and larger audience. At the core of our services are our animated promotional videos. These dynamic, friendly and non-aggressive videos are valuable sales tools in helping both small and large businesses tell their story to a larger audience. We also provide 2D and 3D illustration, graphics for web design, and video game asset generation. It is our mandate to keep our services current and relevant.

morro images

morro images is a visual effects and 3D computer animation company, based in St. Catharines, Canada and Potsdam-Babelsberg, Germany. morro images Canada specializes in two sectors: Product Development and Entertainment. 3D Scanning, 3D Printing/Rapid Prototyping, and Motion Capturing is our expertise.

Phantom Compass

Phantom Compass is an independent game company with offices in Toronto and Niagara. Their team combines veterans from web software development, TV production and triple-A console game development. Phantom Compass offers full game services from consultation to documentation to full production for game developers, IP owners, filmmakers and kids TV owners.

Furi Enterprises

We are a team of designers, developers, and technologists that build awesome things with our customers. Do you have an idea? Let us execute it. We take your intangibles and turn them into working interactive software on desktop, web and mobile platforms.

Brock Centre for Digital Humanities

The Centre for Digital Humanities supports academic programs, research and innovation that engages and facilitates computing, in an interdisciplinary environment, for the creation, preservation, transmission and analysis of human culture with a special focus on interactive media, visualization, game studies, serious games, immersive and virtual environments.

Creative Bytes Studios

Creative Bytes Studios provides game developers with art, code and design services, develops interactive apps for businesses and creates their own video game titles. Whether you are looking to release your product on a gaming console, desktop or mobile device, Creative Bytes Studios can provide you with a unique approach to educate, entertain and inform people around the world. Creative Bytes Studios is assembled from an experienced team that has held leadership positions at reputable video game companies and puts an emphasis on quality for all projects.

Do you really Know Your Customer? We do. analyses Open and Public Data on the world around us. Gathering information from multiple sources, we create a complete and unique picture of customers for Financial Services firms, insurers, and researchers who are looking to understand more about the market and grow their business. We add powerful analytics and compelling interactive technologies to our Advanced Business Data, helping clients understand trends and the overall prospects for the companies in their portfolio.


Caddle is a digital couponing app and consumer insights platform, designed to capture the attention of today's ad blocking, distracted consumers and drive meaningful brand engagement. Caddle provides custom research programs to help understand brand awareness, consumer intent, loyalty and brand favourability. We offer a closed loop engagement channel where agencies and brands can engage consumers with ads, surveys and digital coupons. Users receive rewards and cash back in exchange for their opinion and purchases.

Black Wings Effects

Black Wings Effects is a full-service VFX studio that creates content that tells the full story. Using state of the art technology and techniques we make the impossible possible.
We have experience and expertise in the feature film industry as well as commercials, television productions, video games and motion graphics. Our collaborative approach enables clients to be part of the creative process producing content that brings your ideas to life. Black Wings Effects creates visuals that stimulate our senses, excite viewers and inspire us to believe that what may seem impossible is possible.

Black Wings Effects is a brand born out of MRA Studio Sdn. Bhd. Its CEO and founder, Masoud Reza Azimi has 21 years Graphic Design and VFX experience. Masoud pushes himself to produce more challenging art both technically and creatively. With a presence in both Toronto and Niagara, Black Wings Effects collaborates with their clients around the globe to create and experiment until the project is complete and brings what was once an idea to life.
Our services include Conceptual design, look development, on-set supervision, 3D animation/CGI, matte painting, compositing, and finishing.